Is An Elopement Or Small Wedding For You?

No wedding is right for every couple. However small weddings and elopements are becoming increasingly popular and there are many advantages to consider. They focus on what is most important to you, your bond with your partner. This is what really matters and everything else is either additional or distraction. For some, the perfect wedding is traditional with every trimming. For others, we provide unique options.

You can still include family and friends

A Dare Wedding doesn't mean going without the important people in your life. We can even help arrange accommodation. If you're a Tasmanian local you can even include your special non-humans too! (Keeping in mind national park restrictions).

If you'd prefer to keep things small (we recommend 12 people or less), then you can include friends and family by throwing a big celebration on your return home, and sharing your amazing wedding photographs online and at your celebration.

The best advice on picking your invite list is to prioritise the people that will truly be there for your marriage, not just your wedding.

Weddings have become financially absurd

A survey by Australian magazine Bride to Be reported the average cost of a wedding in Australia has risen to $65,482. I personally have no problem with this if people value what they are paying for. You can also plan a wedding for less than this, with costs of $20,000 - $35,000 being very common.

Moneysmart readers indicated that they had made major sacrifices to hold their wedding. 5% moved back in with their parents, 10% sold a car to raise funds, 19% delayed buying a home or having a baby. 60% of readers had to get a loan just for their wedding. 32% of readers ended up making sacrifices and didn't have the wedding they wanted.

Isn't this all just a little absurd? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Society has normalised financial stress at the very beginning of a marriage.

Being real with you, what we do here at Dare Weddings is not the cheapest option. We save you some money by knowing our stuff, being organised and having awesome relationships with great suppliers. But great things still costs decent money. The important thing is that you get maximum value out of it, and it's all spent on things that are special to you! And even though your experience will be incredible, it will still cost less than your catering bill if you had a normal wedding. How about that?

Three-hundred's a crowd

If you're not keen on crowds or being the center of attention, then an elopement or small ceremony with just a few of your closest friends and family makes sense. There is a lot of pressure in some cultures to have huge weddings. Sometimes there is an expectation that your wedding should represent a level of prestige and wealth that doesn't completely align with your taste or wallet, and a small wedding is a great escape from those unnecessary pressures.

Your wedding day, your pace

At a standard wedding, timing is often dictated by the venue and multiple other suppliers. With an elopement or small wedding, you are able to be more relaxed and pace your wedding with more flexibility. Need more time to get ready? No problem. Want to wait a half-hour for weather to move on? Great! A little hungry? Have a snack before the ceremony. Take it easy, there's no rush!

A wedding the way you want it

A Dare Wedding is all about your wedding, your way. If you want to get married in front of a waterfall, on a mountain, by the beach, in the wilderness, that's what we are here for. Your priorities are our priorities and we will design a proposal for a memorable wedding that will excite.

So what do you think?

Contact us to take the first step towards an awesome, unique and fuss-free wedding!